Becoming Batman

Hey guys!

Welcome to my blog! I’ve been kicking around the idea to start a blog for a while  and just recently took the plunge. I just wanna say, I’m so excited to be writing my very first post. To start, I guess I’ll answer the most obvious question:

Becoming Batman?


Ok. I know it’s cheesy but bear with me for a minute. Aside from me being a total comic book nerd, the name of my blog is a reflection of what I want it to be about: self improvement.

Self improvement is something I’ve been passionate about for my whole life. The idea that you can engage in specific behaviors that will help you to become a stronger, smarter, kinder, wiser, more efficient, all-around better version of yourself was fascinating to me. Since then, I’ve read everything I could get my hands on relating to this topic. From books on diet, to mindfulness, to exercise, to philosophy, everything. I was hooked on self improvement.

Here’s where it connects. You know how Batman wasn’t born ready to get out there and fight the most dangerous criminals of Gotham from the get go? Yeah, it’s something like that. Before there was Batman, there was Bruce Wayne. He was a scared, weak, helpless little boy (or young man, depending on who you ask).



He had to go through years of hardship and grueling training before he became the genius detective badass we know as Batman.


“The will is everything. If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you become something else entirely. Are you ready to begin?” – Ra’s Al Ghul, Batman Begins


I think this process is something that we can all identify with. Before we can become the person that will achieve all of our dreams and aspirations, the person that does not get tired, that goes the extra mile, and performs consistently at the highest level, we have to wade through miles of hardship. Unless you’re one of the select few that are genetically gifted by God, you have to hustle. Hell, even if you’re freakishly talented, you still have to work hard to get to the highest level. You have to grind your way through those early morning practices and late night work shifts. You have to turn down that cake, that drink, or that afternoon spent watching netflix so you can do what you have to do. There’s no real way around it. You just have to do it.

All of this takes time. In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne didn’t become Batman until he was 29. Jesus didn’t start his ministry until he was around 30 and even Mozart spent 10 years practicing obsessively, day after day, before he became the biggest musical badass in history.

And honestly, for me it’s not even about the end result. It’s about those ten years of hard, quiet, consistent work before emerging as someone or something else. It’s about being in the midst of it, in the trenches, always striving to be a little bit better. That’s what I love and that’s what this blog is about. That process.
Becoming Batman


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